The story behind UNIAmericas

UNI Americas LLC entered the marine chemical industry, as Uniservice Americas LLC, at the beginning of 1994 with a joint venture agreement with Uniservice SA. In the fall of 1995 the Uniservice Group grew further with the addition of ex Vecom BV employees who started their own Uniservice Company in their respective countries. The dynamics of the group over the years has given Uniservice a worldwide presence with stocking locations in over 40 countries. In the beginning of 2009 Uniservice Americas LLC bought out its Uniservice SA partners and changed our name to UNI Americas LLC. This move strengthens our position in the USA and gave our company greater opportunities to work with affiliates all over the world to better serve our customers needs.

UNI Americas offers a complete range of chemicals for tank cleaning, chemicals for the treatment of boilers and cooling systems, combustion improver additives, environmental products, general deck and engine maintenance, test kits, dosing systems and reagents. UNI Americas is also now associated as the exclusive marine distributor for Powertron Global for their environmental products for use in the HVAC and chiller systems. UNI Americas also offers gases and welding equipment, as well as fire fighting and safety.

UNI Americas LLC obtained its ISO9002 certification in 1995.